Online Shopping Trends

As more retailers move their products to online stores and exclusively online retailers gain popularity, online shopping will only continue to increase. Today, 73% of people do at least half their shopping online (Source: Why? It’s easier to sit at home and surf the web in your pajamas than going out in public–especially in today’s busy world where everyone is multi-tasking day in and day out.


It is important to remember that we are part of a society defined by e-commerce. Online spending is expected to increase by 62% between now and 2016 (Source: Forrester Inc., January 2013). To understand these staggering numbers, all you need to do is look back to the beginning of online retail. In 2000, online sales were $27 billion even when the internet was still in its infancy. In 2014, online sales are expected to be $291 billion. And by 2017, they will exceed $434 Billion (Source: eMarketer, April 2013/ U.S. Department of Commerce, Internet Marketer). That is a lot of deliveries!

Even UPS and Fedex know their trucks and planes will be full to the brim with packages as online shopping grows. Recently, UPS put out an article about retail trends for 2014 and we couldn’t agree more with their findings. Free shipping and free returns will make online shopping more appealing to people who currently shop at brick and mortar locations. Without fees to ship the package, buying online is essentially just like buying at the store. Only more convenient.

Other outlets such a mobile shopping or social media discounts will aid in the e-commerce boom. These factors among others have been highlighted in additional articles about looming trends that will become the face of online shopping in the coming years. The greater question we need to consider is how this will affect multifamily apartments who are already inundated in packages? The answer is simple. The mountain of packages will continue to grow.

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