Keep Luck on Your Side: What Not to Ship

For luck, some people hold onto a four leaf clover, or rub a rabbit’s foot. Others try to keep luck on their side by hanging a horseshoe over their door, or wishing on a star. When it comes to shipping packages, you don’t need to rely on a double-sided coin or a ladybug landing on your nose to ensure your package ships. Create your own luck when sending packages by knowing what not to ship.

Food That Spoils Quickly- Cookies or fudge is a great treat to ship not only because its sweet but because it has a shelf-life that will last the journey from point a to point b.

Hazardous Materials– Anything that might pose a danger to the carrier or the recipient should not be shipped. It’s that simple.

Non-Indigenous Plants- Shipping plants to or from other distant places can be dangerous to the ecosystem. Bugs and other pests not native to the area can negatively impact the environment for years to come.

Irreplaceable Valuables- The quickest way to protect yourself is with insurance, but if you don’t want to shell out the extra cash, don’t ship something you don’t want to lose.

Most of these are common sense, but it bares repeating to ensure you don’t need to rely on luck. A lot of people hope for the best when mailing packages. Cross their fingers and ship it off. Today, the luckiest days on the calendar, is the best day to learn more about handling packages. If you keep yourself informed and double-check what you’re shipping then without a doubt you’ll keep luck on your side.

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