Winter Packages

winterThe busiest week for package delivery is upon us, folks! Hundreds of millions of packages will be shipped in preparation for the upcoming holidays between December 16th and 20th this year. And, let’s not forget that the first official day of winter is not too far away. A new season means new types of seasonal packages. What will you most likely see in a winter package? Here’s just a few:

Gift Baskets- Berries, chocolates, popcorn, cheese and crackers—this season provides an opportunity for all sorts of gift baskets.

Coats- From the frigid north to the chilly south, the colder weather provides all the more reason to bundle up this season.

Electronics- The holiday-packed time of year brings big discounts across all electronics and as such, they are sold more during the winter than another other time.

Warming Accessories- Along with coats, people purchase boots, gloves, scarfs and hats to keep them warm.

Ice Scraper- Most places will get ice, if not snow, and as such, the ice scraper goes into high demand during the winter months.

Presents- Of course holiday presents are on the list, after all, consumers spend an average of $700 these gifts.

Starting with December holidays and stretching through New Years and Valentine’s Day, the winter package season is the most generous quarter of the year. It is also a prime time for friends and family to gather, exchange gifts or ship items to far away loved ones. Stay warm this winter season and enjoy all the wonderful gifts you give and receive.

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