College Care Packages

care_packageBy now, it’s been several weeks since college students have returned to school and for most, it might be several weeks more before their doting parents get to see them again. The solution to this is simple. Send a care package! If you’re not sure what to include in your college care package, we can help. Here’s a great list of fun and practical items your college student will be happy to receive:

Snacks- Treats and other things to munch on are a given for any college student. Time between classes, or days they don’t want to go to the dining hall result in major snack attacks. Chips and pretzels make great savory snacks while cookies and candy can help recover from a bad day.

Asprin- With all the early classes, study sessions and late nights on weekends, a couple of asprin will definitely come in handy. In all likelihood, they’ll catch a cold during the year (especially around finals) so some cough drops couldn’t hurt either.

Flashcards- Encourage good study skills and send flashcards, or other supplies that might help them earn high grades. Make the gesture fun-loving by leaving a note or two scattered in the box to let them know you’re proud.

Entertainment- Everyone has to unwind at some point and one of the best ways to do that is with a good book, movie or a board game with friends. One or all of these items is an easy way to remind the college student in your life to enjoy themselves.

Stress Ball- College is a fun time for everyone, but it can also be a time of great stress. Maybe your student is worried because of classes, friendships, new loves or big life choices. Whatever it may be, a stress ball will surely help ease any worries.

Air Fresheners- Boy or girl, if they’re sharing a room with someone else or maybe even a group of people, they will certainly need a freshening up from time to time. Send static air fresheners or sprays. While you’re at it, send some cleaning supplies. Who knows when the last time they washed their room was.

Once you’ve collected all your gift items, arrange them in the box however you’d like. We suggest using packing material in the colors of their school. Or stuff it with extra socks and underwear, just in case. Without a doubt, your college student will relish in the gift and eagerly await their next visit home.

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2 thoughts on “College Care Packages

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