Care Packages for the Military

This Memorial Day, in addition to attending parades or other celebratory events to honor people who have given their life to our country, why not spend some time putting together a care package for someone you know who is actively serving in our nations military? It’s the ideal way to remember the servicemen and women who have made an impact on our country while showing appreciation for those currently protecting our freedoms. If you don’t know someone personally, ask around. Surely you know another person who does. Here are some ideas for your package:

Underwear– No matter where your troop member is located, they likely need new socks and underwear on a recurring basis. It might not seem like the best items to send, but the recipient will surely appreciate them.

Individually Wrapped Snacks– For people always on the go, snacks in their own wrappers are ideal for carrying around light but efficient calorie sources.

Hygiene Supplies– Soaps, toothbrushes and shower items are a great tool to include in your package because they are integral to keeping the troops clean and healthy.

Games– When they’re not training or on a mission, service members can get bored just like any other person. How about sending an electronic / board games or mental stimulation like Sudoku that can help pass the time?

Books– Much like games, books provide a sense of comfort and escapism that allow troops to peacefully and enjoyably pass the time.

Reminders of Home– Pictures, postcards, letters and other personal items from you sometimes are the best items within a package. Create or include something that reminds them of home.

Once you’ve compiled your package items, create a list and count of each piece to include inside your package. Be sure to properly address and seal your package before shipping it to your favorite person in uniform. And remember this holiday weekend that there is always someone out there keeping America safe.

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