Best Pets for Apartments

It’s no secret that owning a pet can help you de-stress after a long day at work or class, but finding the right pet for your apartment can be a bit more challenging. Certain animals require more attention and commitment than others, while some can more or less take care of themselves. So long as your apartment is pet friendly, there is an animal friend right for your situation. fishtank

Fish– Aquatic pets require very little attention so far as feeding and exercise are concerned. However, your fishy friends will require a tank equivalent to their size and feeding every other day.  And don’t forget cleaning the tank! Some fish prefer to be alone, but others love to school in a group.

Insects– Much like fish, insects are low maintenance. But also like fish, they are not a pet you can really get close to and their lifespan is short. If this kind of pet is right for you, there are plenty of varieties to own such as ants, millipedes or even spiders.

Reptiles or Amphibians- Generally speaking, reptiles and amphibians can have a significantly long lives compared to the aforementioned critters. But they can also provide the entertainment and personality needed to spruce up an apartment. Think about whether you want an aquarium for frogs or turtles, or a terrarium for snakes, lizards or tortoises.

Birds– Flying friends like these can be a very chatty and fun addition to your life. They require a lot of exercise activities within their cage birdsand regular feeding and cleaning. The bigger the cage the better and you might even think about letting them out in your space so they can stretch their wings.

Cats– This self sufficient creature is a staple for most apartment dwellers. Cats require regular feeding and playtime, but are able to manage and entertain themselves if need be. They are the first pet on this list that you can really cuddle up to and have several breeds to choose from.

Dogs– Another furry friend on the list is the canine. Since they have a plethora of breeds, choose a smaller, less active kind for apartment living. You can go big if you have the time and space nearby to exercise them. More importantly, since dogs are high maintenance and need regular food and exercise, be sure you are truly committed to this pet before adopting.

No matter what pet you are thinking of adopting, ensure that you have the time, patience and intentions to see the animal comfortably through their entire life.

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