Shipping Do’s and Don’ts

For anyone sending a package to a friend, relative or client, the do’s and don’ts of this process might seem confusing because shipping companies don’t often have a definitive list. Because they’re focused on mailing safety, as they should be, this creates a gap in the information consumers are seeking out. Never fear, we’re here to help solve that problem. Here is a surefire list of do’s and don’ts for anyone sending packages:


Do make the package secure – Be sure to use proper packing tape and seal all possible entry points. A single or double piece of tape should secure the opening—any more can be excessive and challenging to open later.

Do print your own labels – When possible, print your labels instead of writing them on a piece of paper. This prevents potential damage to the paper and also gives your shipping a level of professionalism.

Do use enough postage – Different areas of the country / world require various amounts of postage, and this can be skewed by the weight of your package. To ensure delivery, add additional postage just in case.

Do use reliable carriers – Research pricing and options from the carrier companies out there and cross reference these facts with the details of your package. Some carriers are better for small packages while others are best for refrigerated shipping. Inform yourself before shipping.


Don’t use packing peanuts – Although these once were a staple of shipping products, it can be messy and doesn’t fully support the package contents. Instead, use air puffed packing bags for a more secure fit.

Don’t ship a box that’s half full – Leaving out packing material can create spaces in your package that could create a void where damage can happen. Pack your items to the top of the box to minimize damage potential.

Don’t reuse materials – This is in response to popped bubble wrap, deflated air bags or weakened boxes. So long as the materials are pristine, you can reuse them. But as a general rule, try to use new materials.

Don’t mishandle the package – It goes without saying that you shouldn’t abuse the packaged item or the box it’s contained within. Treat the package with the gentle care of a newborn baby.

With all this information, you should be able to ship with confidence as you please around the block or around the globe.

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